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Corporate Wellness


In our modern society, the work place has become more of an influence for individuals and their families. It affects where people live, where their kids go to school, and it even affects their social activities.



With this in mind, it seems only natural that a health conscience workforce will soon lead to a health conscience society. The most prevalent health issues facing our population today are obesity and heart related diseases, which are treated in part, with improved nutrition and exercise.  People who exercise and maintain a healthy weight can play—and work—harder. However, with busy schedules and rushed deadlines, keeping employees in good health is a heavy task.


By promoting overall health and wellness, as well as encouraging your staff to be active, you will:

  • Cut absenteeism

  • Aid in recruiting employees

  • Help employee retention

  • Boost employee satisfaction and company morale

  • Fewer Injuries


FAST FACT: "An estimated 18 million Americans ages 19 to 64 are not working and have a disability or chronic disease, or do not work because of health reasons...valuing lost work-time at the minimum wage, the nation (USA) gives up to $185 billion each year in economic output because of it's workers "health problems."  - The Common Wealth Fund, 8/2005


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