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Sister Circle (SC)


A women’s network that is dedicated to educating and empowering women physically, emotionally and spiritually to live whole purpose filled lives. Each SC chapter provides education, mentorship and scholarships for women to achieve wholeness in every area of life. SC offers a safe environment for women to gather and be honored for their uniqueness and value in the world. Together we learn, share and grow.


 - We hold Monthly Gatherings which include a message of hope and encouragement. 


Benefits enjoyed by those who participate in 1Embrace Sister Circle include:​

  • a strong sense of camaraderie and a commitment to health shared among sisters who want more out of life;

  • a sharing of fabulous energy by a positive group of sisters with a common goal

  • to pursue a higher quality of life through meditation, fitness, nutrition and community.  ​


SC is dedicated to educating and empowering women physically, emotionally & spiritually to live whole lives in Christ.  It provides a sisterhood for women ~ where friendships are made and lives are positively impacted. This circle provides opportunities every month of the year for women to gather and connect doing something fun & unique!  It's a great way to meet new people, grow in your Faith, do something positive, release weight, have fun, learn new things & experience new adventures.  It's about women coming together & living life to the fullest!​



  • Teen SC  (ages 12-17)​

SC hosts Teen-Sister Circle, a teen mentorship program with the help of God-fearing women. By creating a safe environment, the mission is to encourage and inspire strong, intelligent, positive young ladies through the study and discussion of life experiences. Teen-SC believes that learning, fellowship and fun lead to victorious living. 




  • SC - Transformation Retreats ​

Provides an opportunity for women to step away from the hectic pace of daily life to connect or reconnect in spirit, soul and body. SC Transformation Retreats provide a place where women/teen girls can retreat from stress and distractions of life’s demands. It is in this space that women/teen girls can be nourished, equipped, acquire tools needed to live a whole life and find true transformation and freedom.











"A deep exuberance is what I brought home from this awe-inspiring gathering. For me, this program was life changing because I learned powerful things and also was healed of affliction and injury that has plagued me for decades. I had an extraordinary encounter with God prompted by the love and ministry of His people. This is the kind of exuberance that cannot be taken away." ~  Valerie, Renton, WA


"I learned that I do belong. I now believe that when I get my tangles out (eagles nest) I then will soar like one."

~ Teri-WA


"I needed this gathering. I received direction and clarity." ~ Sabrina, Humble, TX


"The miracle of bringing women together to share testimonies, support and care for each other is profound.  The Sister Circle is a safe place to experience transformation. God gave me songs, the words to sing, the notes to play and I obeyed. I am blessed." ~ Dion, Maple Valley, WA


"It was a blessing to share my testimony and now I know I can go and do that which my Father has called me to do!" ~ Letty, Atascocita, TX

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