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are influential visionaries who serve with excellence and integrity. Throughout their 26 years of marriage, they have diligently served alongside each other. Together, they have touched the lives of many through numerous projects, relief efforts, community service initiatives, conferences and retreats by sharing one embrace at a time.  They are the visionary leaders of 1Embrace Inc., a 10 year manifested dream.


OUR LIFE SCRIPTURE...but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint

                                                -  Isaiah 40:31

Husband and Wife, Bradford Lowe, Sr. and Sonja Lowe

Co-Founders Bradford Lowe Sr.  & Sonja Lowe - Visionaries


"We love people and feel honored each time we are given the opportunity to serve. We want everyone from all walks of life to get a sense of just how much and how deeply God loves them.  When they experience our sincere embrace they are experiencing the embrace of Jesus Christ through our lives." - Bradford Lowe Sr. & Sonja Lowe

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Ana Martinez - Hospitality Coordinator


Ana martinez is a mother of 4 boys and originally from Mexico.  She works as a medical assistant and a hair stylist.  She enjoys cooking and gardening. What is she passionate about?  Serving others for God's Glory.


Christene Archie- Worship / AV Coordinator



Janaia Pratt - Communications Coordinator



Nicole White - Prayer Team Coordinator


Nicole White has served in various ministry and leadership capacities for over 15 years. She is a servant of God and represents Him in a multitude of settings.


Letty Roy - Community Coordinator


Letty Roy has an incredible passion to share the love of Christ and speak into the lives of others. Having gone through her own personal experiences of pain and loss, Letty is able to empathize with others needing comfort, encouragement, and hope. 




Tamara Tutt- Fundraising Coordinator                


Tamara L. Tutt is passionate about using her past and present experiences to demonstrate to women how Christ can use you right where you are. She strives to be an example of Christ’s love and forgiveness through transparency of thought and action.


Chief Executive Officer - Jesus Christ



Executive Director - Sonja Lowe                                              


Born in Lufkin, Texas and raised in Beaumont, Texas, Sonja Lowe is a country girl with a city girl flare. Sonja is a wife and mother first and serves her family diligently.  Her family is her passion and her first ministry and as she states, “My family is the wind beneath my wings.”





Co-Executive Director - Bradford Lowe, Sr.             


Bradford E. Lowe, Sr. was born and raised with deep roots in Beaumont, Texas.   He was molded into the man he is today with the help of his parents and mentors. On The Rock, Jesus Christ, Bradford is the foundation for his family providing a safe and secure environment in which his family flourishes. Bradford adores his wife, Sonja and as a father, he is lovable, funny and full of character. As a man of integrity he is admired by his colleagues, family and friends.




                                Shalla Rogers - Executive Administrator                     



                                Shalla D. Rogers has always had a gift for listening and helping                                     others. Throughout her lifetime she has been thhe community                                        counselor to anyone who needed a gentle ear and focused word.                                   Shalla has discovered practical ways to add balance to                                                   overwhelming  lifestyles. 


















                               Janaia Pratt is a devoted member of Grace Church of Humble                                        where she serves as the Guest Services Coordinator for the                                          Wonder Women's ministry. 

                               Janaia enjoys watching everyone succeed and reach his or her                                      fullest potential.                                





























                               A native Houstonian, Christene Archie is first and foremost a lover                                  of Jesus Christ. She is a woman of the word, a songwriter, a play-                                  write, but most of all she is a worshipper.  Christene is God’s                                          minstrel.  











Marketing / Blog Coordinator



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