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Men of Hope (MOH) meet monthly to help men grow, because we believe the world needs grown up, mature, and powerful men. 



  • MOH - Monthly Meetings (ages 20+)

The meetings, held on the first Saturday of every month, are a time when men integrate new skills, new experiences, and new perspectives on their lives. Men of Hope is a place to learn conflict resolution, communication skills, relationship development skills, how to make and meet life goals, how to overcome the past, brotherhood and camaraderie, how to tell the truth with compassion, how to create and maintain strong families, how to manage your emotions, enjoy group recreation and much more.




  • MOH - Teen Program "Father's Embrace" (ages 12-17)​

Men of Hope host a teen mentorship program with the help of God-fearing men, an intentional mercy ministry to fatherless young men.  The missionary field is not only in distant lands, but also in our own backyard. In the U.S. there are 25 million fatherless children and rapidly growing. Men of Hope is answering the call to mentor young men and change their destiny.

Father's Embrace is held the last weekend in June every year. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. An application process is required. - 10 boys are chosen and mentored for 10 months after the weekend. A Graduation Ceremony is held at the completion of the program.




  • MOH - Transformation Retreats ​

Provides an opportunity for men to step away from the hectic pace of daily life to connect or reconnect with Jesus in spirit, soul and body. Men of Hope Transformation Retreats provide a place where men can retreat from stress and distractions of life’s demands. It is in this space that men can be equipped, acquire tools needed to live a whole life and find true transformation and deliverance through Jesus Christ.


Thank you for your continuted support!






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